Our company participated in Micoprop-400 new product launch and expert seminar Nov 3,2021

Our company participated in Micoprop-400 new product launch and expert seminar

Digital PCR (Digital PCR - dpcr) technology is a new nucleic acid detection and quantitative method in recent years. Different from the traditional quantitative PCR (qPCR) technology, digital PCR adopts the absolute quantitative method, does not depend on the standard curve and reference samples, and directly detects the copy number of the target sequence. Because this detection method has better sensitivity, specificity and accuracy than traditional qPCR, dpcr has been rapidly and widely used.

Although the existing early commercialized products of digital PCR are used by more and more scientific research institutions, those users who already have digital PCR are also worried by the complexity of their operation, the uncontrollability of data quality, and the laboratory pollution caused by the use of some products. Micoprop-400 (Digital PCR) digital PCR, as the latest generation of digital PCR technology, not only integrates the advantages of micro drop PCR to the greatest extent, but also solves the problems caused by early simple chip and micro drop PCR.

Micoprop-400 (Digital PCR) digital PCR system is a simple, fast and highly integrated digital PCR system in the market, which provides biological researchers with a fast and accurate absolute quantitative tool for nucleic acids.

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